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Drabble: Life of a Time Lord

Drabble: Life of a Time Lord
Fandom: Doctor Who
Beta: The lovely starxd_sparrow
Characters: The Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble
Rating: G
A/N: Thanks for souleswanderer for the encouragement.

Donna was quiet. Very quiet.

“Are you all right?”

Donna glanced at him from underneath damp eyelashes. “Yeah.” She wiped her face with the soft purple fabric.

“It’s not your burden to bear,” the Doctor said with finality as if his words were law.

Her response was quick. “But it’s yours?”

He didn’t look up. “Yep.”

“That doesn’t seem fair,” she murmured.

“Life of a Time Lord.” There was no pride in his voice as he released the lever and the TARDIS began to dematerialize. “It’s rarely fair.”

Tags: doctor who, drabble

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