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Write me a story?

So real life has taken a turn for the worse... *glares at reality* After reading about some of things that other people have going on, I really feel guilty about complaining. I suppose everything is relative though.

The boyfriend and I were supposed to go on vacation this Thursday. We were heading to our cabin in Virgina for a week. Between graduate school and the two jobs, it's extremely hard for me to get away. Now because of his serious back problem and the need for him to find a new doctor, it's not going to happen. I don't blame him because he has to put his health first. I know I shouldn't whine about it, but I was looking forward to the break. I *needed* the break. But alas, I shall continue to march.

I've got stacks of cases sitting on my desk at work and lots of school work that I've let slide that needs attention so I suppose that's what I'll be doing over the holiday break. I'm not going to take any days off from work though. I've got a strange mental block when it comes to taking time off. If I'm not leaving town, I can't justify it in my mind. I've always been weird like that. Sure, I've got over two months of leave on the books, but god forbid I take a day off. I need to work on that. lol

So basically, will someone write me a story? A drabble? Anything?

I feel like writing, but I'm afraid I'll start killing off characters. I tend to do that when I need to vent. :)

If anyone is still reading this, thanks for listening.



Nov. 20th, 2007 08:16 pm (UTC)
My father? Born in a suit. He works seven days a week and takes Christmas off, but other than actual out of town/country vacation time, he's all about the work. Even now. Sound familiar? ; ) Mom wasn't far behind.

I never minded not having the typical holidays off (July 4th, etc.,) as long as things did downshift and I still spent some time with people I wanted to be with. I can't imagine flying up to New England just for the day. That I really don't understand. As you say, still plenty of time to eat! My "free time" won't start until noon on Thursday, but I won't begin the day until about six. Not quite the same!

You do have friends in this "other" world who care. And, from experience, I can tell you that it carries over when/if you meet in RL. It's just the same. Who knew?

It's beautiful on this coast too. There's enough of a breeze not to be too windy, but it's dry and pretty sunny. Perfect for being at the beach and letting your mind take you wherever.

Enjoy, whatever you decide!