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FIC: A Thousand Different Flavors (1/1)

FIC: A Thousand Different Flavors
Author: NightRider
Beta: The lovely starxd_sparrow
Fandom: Doctor Who
Disclaimer: I own nothing. What a pity!
Pairing: Ten/Rose/Jack
Rating: NC-17
A/N: This was written for the OT3 ficathon. aibhinn requested smut, immortal Rose, and Ten being pleasantly affected by someone else’s oral fixation. I hope you enjoy it!

The doors closed with a resounding clang as Jack and Rose exchanged annoyed glances. The guard muttered something neither could hear and stalked down the dark corridor.

“Well isn’t this grand?” Rose commented dryly as she placed her hands on her hips and glared at the Doctor. “When you promised a feast of cosmic proportions, this wasn’t what I had in mind!”

“I’ve got to teach you how to wine and dine the ladies, Doctor,” Jack smirked as he crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the cell wall. He stepped away quickly when he felt the wall sink beneath his weight. “I have to keep reminding myself that age is just a number. You’ve still got so much to learn.” Jack shook his head as if contemplating that fact and shared a private wink with Rose. They were waiting for the Doctor to rise to the bait, to respond with some snippy comment, to remind Jack that he did indeed dance and, in fact, he was quite good at it, and finally, for all of Jack’s current blathering, that was certainly not what he had said the night before. The only response was a soft “Hmm” as the Doctor scanned the walls of the cell with his sonic screwdriver.

“Findin’ us a way out then?” Rose questioned as she stepped towards the Doctor as he silently studied the gray walls.

“He was sure good at finding us a way in,” Jack deadpanned.

“Everyone’s got to have a talent,” Rose replied as she nudged Jack with her shoulder. He smiled at her before they turned expectantly to the Doctor.

“Doctor?” Rose asked as she glanced at Jack apprehensively. Perhaps they weren’t taking this situation as seriously as they needed to. They were used to being locked up. Heck, if they went a month without visiting some strange planet’s version of a prison, things just weren’t normal.

“We’ll find a way out,” Jack confirmed as he wrapped his arm comfortingly around Rose. “Those guards were only three feet tall. I’m sure we could take them. What we need is…”

“Aha!” the Doctor said with glee as he spread his arms wide and pressed his face against the wall.

“What the…”

“How in the…”

The Doctor leaned back, his face covered with gray goo, and smiled at the gaping mouths of his companions. “Delicious!” he announced before pressing his face into the wall once more. “Tastes like…steak and chips! No wait…mince meat pie! With a hint of lime…and…no wait! Pancakes!”

“He’s finally lost it,” Rose whispered as she watched the Doctor with wide eyes. The Doctor, pausing only for breath, leaned back and wiped his mouth on the shoulder of his coat. There was a small hole where the he had been happily gnawing away at the wall.

“He’s going to eat his way to freedom?” Jack asked. He had seen many things in his life, and come up with plenty of creative ways to free himself from captivity, but eating his way out was one for the history books.

The Doctor’s long tongue emerged from his lips as he began lapping at the wall. What had appeared to be solid was melting underneath his relentless onslaught. “Chocolate doughnuts!” the Doctor announced happily as his fingers gripped the wall for support. “And do I detect a hint of sprinkles? Wonderful!” Rose shifted as she watched the Doctor gleefully devour the wall. When the hell did it get so hot in here? Jack was obviously feeling it as well because he began uncomfortably tugging on the collar of his shirt.

“Bread pudding, my favorite!” The Doctor’s voice was muffled as he circled the food in his mouth and swallowed. Again and again, his pink tongue dashed out of his mouth and expertly lapped at the widening hole. The Doctor smiled, his long throat stretched back to allow the food room to pass, before pausing to glance at his companions. A sticky, gray substance which had the consistency of rice pudding covered the Doctor’s face. Again, his tongue emerged to lick his lips clean. Having been privy to the onslaught of that expert tongue, Jack and Rose knew the wall didn’t stand a chance.

“I’m being rude, aren’t I?” the Doctor asked sheepishly. “Don’t you want some? It’s rather good.” He gestured towards the wall and raised his eyebrow in a silent invitation.

“Obviously,” Jack responded, his voice slightly higher than usual.

“Erm…we’re fine, Doctor,” Rose returned as she glanced at Jack with a silent “help me” look plastered to her face. The Doctor shrugged and returned to the wall, oblivious to his companions’ obvious discomfort. The Doctor occasionally rambled off the name of whatever food he was tasting as his skilled tongue continued to explore the growing indentation in the wall.

“Jack, I don’t know how much more of this I can take,” Rose whispered as she looked at him for support. “You think we should help him?” The Doctor’s fingers curled into the wall as his head bobbed back and forth. The only sound that was heard was the Doctor lapping away at the wall.

“The only thing I’d like to help him out of is his coat,” Jack muttered as he reached for Rose’s hand. Sure, in his immortal life Jack had learned a thing or two about control, but when it came to a Time Lord who was licking, biting, and sucking his way to freedom, all bets were off.

The Doctor sank down on his knees, pausing only to toss a dashing smile in the direction of his companions, and started a new attack on the wall. His neck stretched upwards, and his face was clearly visible as his eyes closed and his mouth began another tantalizing onslaught on the defenseless wall.

“Oh m’ god,” Rose murmured.

“Do you really have to do that on your knees?” Jack asked, frustration evident in his voice as he wrapped his arm around Rose. He was just trying to keep her from wilting in the incredible heat…and just why was it so damn hot in the cell?

“Trying a new position,” the Doctor returned.

“He’s doing this on purpose,” Rose grumbled as she leaned against Jack’s shoulder. “It’s just not right.” Jack could only nod. Obviously this alien planet had learned a thing or two about torture. This was cruel and unusual punishment raised to a fine art form.

“Oh, custard!” the Doctor yelled with childlike delight. “Come on, you’ve got to try this! It was…wait…that’s not it.” The Doctor adjusted his position slightly, his tongue experimentally tasting several different areas before settling on one spot and slowly swirling his tongue around it. “Right here! Vanilla custard!” The Doctor left his tongue on the spot and motioned for Jack and Rose with his hand. “You really must try this,” he encouraged in a muffled tone.

Rose swallowed several times, her throat suddenly dry. Jack hadn’t blinked in the last three minutes.

“You go ahead, Doctor,” Rose squeaked quickly disguising it behind a fake cough.

“Yeah, eat up.”

The Doctor shrugged, grinned to reveal white teeth, and chewed on a fresh spot of the barrier.

Rose and Jack watched, mesmerized, as the Doctor licked, nipped, and sucked his way through the wall for a solid hour. Finally, when Rose and Jack had decided that this little endeavor might actually be the undoing of their immortal lives, the Doctor stood up slowly and stretched. He leaned back, his hand idly moving to rub his stomach, and smiled at his companions.

“I’m full,” he murmured, his eyes glazed over, his voice mirroring his sated status. “Well,” the Doctor announced as he clapped his hands, “Let’s get out of here then, shall we?” He pressed several buttons on his screwdriver, before pointing it at the wall and obliterating it completely. The TARDIS was clearly visible in the distance.

“Wait a minute-” Jack started, staring suspiciously at the Doctor. Rose was alternating between pointing at the Doctor and pointing at the large hole in the wall.

“You mean you could’ve done that the whole time?” Rose asked, her voice rising. The Doctor stared at his two disgruntled companions. He could recognize the proverbial “death glare” when he saw one and he was currently on the receiving end of a matching pair of them.

“Well…yeah…” the Doctor stammered as he wiped his face with his hands to remove any further evidence of his gluttony. Perhaps he should have mentioned that sooner.

“The whole time!” Rose pressed as she stepped towards the Doctor. “You could have gotten us out the whole time.”

“Oi! I was hungry!” the Doctor tried to explain as he held his hands out with his palms facing upwards. “You said you wanted a feast! The whole planet is edible!”

“That would have been a handy piece of information to have two hours ago!” Rose snapped.

“Doctor, I suggest you start running,” Jack interrupted with a predatory leer. He had no desire to eat the actual wall, but a certain Time Lord was a welcomed substitute.

“Now why would I do that? I was merely trying to…” The Doctor continued to prattle on while backing his way towards the new exit. “You’re serious about this, aren’t you?” he asked as he seemed to realize he’d just been selected as the main course.

“Paybacks are a bitch, Doctor,” Jack growled.

“You’ve forgotten one thing,” the Doctor stated as he nearly tripped over the wall that had been reduced to gelatinous rubble.

“And what’s that?” Rose asked, licking her lips.

The Doctor spun on his heel, his coat swirling behind him, as he ran toward the TARDIS.

“You can run but you can’t hide!” Jack yelled as he reached for Rose’s hand.

“I’m going to kill him,” Rose muttered as they slowly made their way back to the TARDIS.

“After what he put us through? Death is way too good for him.”

“You’re right,” Rose acknowledged with a nod. The breeze offered slight relief to their heated bodies as they began plotting their revenge. “We’re going to have to make him suffer.”

“I’m strangely comfortable with that.”

“I figured you would be.” Rose winked at him as he unlocked the door to the TARDIS. The Doctor was standing at the console, shifting his weight from foot to foot, his eyes wide and innocent.

“Now that we’ve got that out of our system, we can be on our way, yeah?” the Doctor asked, his tone an obvious plea for mercy.

“Sure thing, Doctor,” Jack answered as he walked past the console area and headed down the corridor.

“Where shall we go next?” the Doctor asked. He glanced at Rose and at her withering glare, quickly lowered his gaze. Surely she saw the intended humor of the situation?

“Somewhere quiet and uninhabited,” she stated. Perhaps she wanted some rest? Had he been pushing her too hard lately? The news of Rose’s immortality had come as a shock to him, and now that he’d finally come to terms with that it, perhaps he hadn’t been paying enough attention to her physical needs? He made a mental note to be more observant in the future.

As the TARDIS began to rematerialize, the Doctor proudly announced, “I give you Quexxor! An uninhabited planet with three moons, sandy beaches, and a sunset that will blow your mind! We should be just in time for…”

“Yeah, don’t care,” Rose stated as she strode purposefully towards the Doctor.

“What? But I thought you wanted to…”

“Not interested.”

“Rose, what’s wrong? Whatever it is, we should discuss it!”

“Don’t want to.”

“No sandy beaches then?” the Doctor questioned as he starting backing towards the corridor.

“No sandy beaches, Doctor.”

The Doctor turned and fled down the hallway. A door opened just as he passed, and he was conveniently yanked into their bedroom by Jack.

“Going somewhere?” Jack asked conversationally as he managed to expertly remove the Doctor’s coat before tossing him on the bed.

“Obviously not,” the Doctor grumbled. Despite his attempt at sounding petulant, it was evident that he wasn’t trying that hard to get away. Jack kept his hand on the Doctor’s shoulder as Rose entered the room and settled on the Doctor’s other side. Her fingers deftly undid his tie before she yanked it from around his neck and dropped it carelessly on the floor.

“Are you sure we can’t discuss this?” the Doctor asked as Jack began unbuttoning his shirt.

“Two hours, Doctor,” Rose said flatly as she watched the Doctor with single-minded intensity. “We watched you for over two hours.”

“We worked up quite an appetite,” Jack commented as he managed to separate the Doctor from his shirt with minimal tugging. A lesser man wouldn’t have noticed the Doctor shifting positions to ease the removal of his clothing.

“And before you go suggesting that we should have eaten some of that wall, what we wanted wasn’t on the menu,” Rose reminded him, tugging his belt free.

“Are you sure about that? I counted over four hundred distinct foods spanning over three galaxies. Did you know caviar is actually… Oh, oh my…”

Whatever analogy or description the Doctor was going to make was effectively cut short when Rose and Jack began nibbling on the Doctor’s sides. Rose kissed her way down pale skin pausing only to playfully nip at the soft flesh close to his narrow hips. Jack sampled and explored the Doctor’s chest, his teeth gently grazing the skin while his tongue savored the taste that he had come to associate with the Time Lord. He had yet to find anything in the universe that compared.

The Doctor began struggling more for the sake of good form than anything else. Surely he was allowed to be a more active participant? He reached for Rose, but felt strong fingers wrap around his wrist pinning his hand to the mattress. Jack always was a bastard.

Rose paused long enough to say, “You’ve done more than enough for one day, Doctor.” She started laying tender kisses on the Doctor’s stomach.

Meanwhile, the Doctor would have sworn on his fifth incarnation that Jack, forever the acrobat in bed, was able to be in several places at once. Nimble fingers explored his thighs while his mouth graced his torso with feather-light kisses and demanding nips.

He had been opting for a more stoic approach, but soon realized he was rapidly losing ground. It was plainly obvious that Jack had been teaching Rose some of his more salacious tricks, but he was sure she had been a willing and talented student. So much for the aloofness that his people were notorious for. Despite his normally cool temperature, he could feel pleasant warmth spreading through his body. His keen senses were acutely aware of every flick of a tongue, every tender kiss, every wanton caress, and he could feel their immortality pleasantly buzzing in the back of his mind. It had been difficult to get used to, but now he welcomed the feeling. It felt comfortable; it felt like home.

“Will you two get on with it?” the Doctor growled as he futilely fisted the sheets. His companions had seen fit restrict his arms which effectively blocked him from returning or directing their attentions.

“Did you hear somethin’, Jack?” Rose asked conversationally before her delicate tongue traced the sharp curve Doctor’s hip.

“Nope, not a word.”

Finally, after the Doctor’s struggles were made in earnest, Jack took pity and unfastened his trousers. Rose removed the Doctor’s remaining clothing with ease and precision. Despite being alien, the Doctor had very human responses to Jack and Rose’s gentle ministrations. His eyes threatened to disappear behind heavy eyelids when Jack’s tongue trailed over the his chest, his toes curled when Rose’s fingers danced over his thigh, and his hearts beat wildly when his companions caught his frustrated gaze and smiled.

It was Jack that took him into his mouth. He couldn’t entirely focus on the incredible sensations that Jack was creating with his expert movements because Rose had captured his mouth in a long, breathtaking kiss. It was like being in two places at once. Rose devoured his mouth with her passionate kiss while Jack drew his body to heights of pleasure he hadn’t met in centuries.

The Doctor finally gave up any hope of coherent thought as he felt his body exploding, melting, and molding into their white, hot need.

Later, after his companions had been satisfied and were curled into boneless heaps next to him, a deep dreamless sleep came to claim them. Smiling down at them, the Doctor made a mental note to remember this lesson in the future – sexually frustrated companions were just too much fun.
Tags: doctor who, doctor/rose/jack, fanfic, smut

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  • I'm writing!

    Holy cow, after months and months, I'm writing again. I almost didn't want to post for fear of jinxing it, but what the hell? It's been ages since…

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