nightrider101 (nightrider101) wrote,

[RECS: Week 3] - Top Gun (1986)

Kings of the Air (Top Gun | Maverick/Iceman | Mature | 24,903 )
Author: fabularasa
Summary: Fighting and fucking: two things he did extraordinarily well. How could he have known what the effect would be when you combined the two?
Reasons for Reccing: I know what you're thinking. Top Gun? Are you kidding me? Has nightrider101 finally gone round the bend? The reason why I know what you're thinking is because that's exactly what I thought when mementis recced this story last year. And then I read it. This story blew me right out of the water. The narrative and sharp dialogue is truly seamless. It's hysterical in places and incredibly raw in others. What this author nails is the masculinity of the characters. They are written as men, human and imperfect, and this is something that many authors, including myself, struggle with. This story knocks it right out of the sky. If you take a chance on this story, I promise you won't be sorry.
Tags: fandom: top gun, rec-a-sunday

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