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[RECS : Week 5] - Doctor Who

A Quarter for Your Kingdom (Doctor Who | Tenth Doctor/Jack | PG-13)
Author: vail_kagami
Summary: Jack and the Doctor have saved the world. Again. Now it is up to Owen to save them, on threat of imaginary death. Such is the life of a doctor at Torchwood.
Reasons for Reccing: I was nostalgic for my previous life when Torchwood and Doctor Who consumed my waking mind, and I found this amazing story again. This story is filled with wonderful domestic moments that don't ever detract from the other worldliness of the Doctor. There's hurt with lovely comfort that's never overstated and the injections of humor are pitch perfect. Also, there's Owen! vail_kagami wrote this story for me and since she knows what I like, it's no surprise that I adored every second of this story. After all that the Doctor and Jack have been through, nothing makes me happier than to see them have a few stolen moments of peace.
Tags: fandom: doctor who

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