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[RECS : Week 5] -Supernatural RPF

Paid in Full (Supernatural RPF | Jared/Jensen | NC-17 | 47,397 )
Author: nicb0723
Summary: Jensen is a discouraged divorce lawyer and unlucky with love. Jared is his new neighbor, a poor business student who is hard up on cash and also extremely handsome. When Jensen loans Jared the money to get out of debt, Jared thinks of a very unconventional way to pay Jensen back. This is a classic “fake” boyfriend story with a few fun twists.
Reasons for Reccing: I have so much love for this story. One thing that stands out is that it's not a huge angst fest. The author nails the summary because it's a new twist on the old trope of having a faux boyfriend. The relationship is a slow, realistic build and I savored every second of watching them grow close. The romance when it comes is sizzling and, as someone who used to be skeptical of relationships, I could totally relate to where Jensen was coming from. If you want a lighthearted, fun read with memorable characters and a happy ending, you definitely need to give this fic a try.


Feb. 5th, 2013 09:37 pm (UTC)
For some reason I have the amazing ability to remember fics long after I've read them. I've probably read this particular story three times or so because I loved it that much!

Thanks for commenting! It's always nice to see you pop up on my journal. <3