nightrider101 (nightrider101) wrote,

[Week 9] - Sherlock (BBC TV)

The Whore of Babylon Was a Perfectly Nice Girl (Sherlock | Sherlock Holmes/John Watson | Mature | 32,896)
Author: out_there
Summary: Sherlock walks into a room and takes all the space right out of it. He does the same inside John's head.
Reasons for Reccing: First off: that title? Pure genius. This author takes a spin on Sherlock's sexuality that I don't often see in fics and her reasons for it are brilliant and makes a kind of horrible sense. The character exploration in this story is spot-on. When you write fanfiction it's incredibly difficult to write something that's both in-character and genuinely original. This author manages both with ease. There's something weirdly wonderful about this story and if you fancy something different, I highly suggest giving this story a read.
Tags: fandom: sherlock, rec-a-sunday

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