nightrider101 (nightrider101) wrote,

[Week 14] - Star Trek (2009)

I'm Part of All the Things You Are (Star Trek | Kirk/Spock & Spock/Nyota Uhura | Teen | 6,012)
Author: bigmamag
Summary: Uhura hates James T. Kirk because he never seems to do what is expected. Things get messy when Jim makes Spock do unexpected things in return.
Reasons for Reccing: Lately I've been on a complicated story kick. As with real life, not everything fits into organized labeled boxes and relationships are the same way. This story is messy, complicated, and Uhura definitely becomes the bigger person in the end. I'm not a fan of character bashing nor do I see realism in stories where Uhura immediately moves aside the second Kirk steps onscreen, and this story shows the inevitability of Spock and Kirk's relationship and the price that's paid for that. Normally I prefer to rec longer stories, but I stumbled across this one the other day and wanted to share.
Tags: fandom: star trek, rec-a-sunday

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