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[Week 16] - Star Trek (2009)

With The River As My Guide (Star Trek | Kirk/Spock | Mature | 35,593)
Author: aerlalaith
Summary: On shore leave on Earth, Captain Kirk and Commander Spock disappear during a backpacking trip in the mountains. A month later, Commander Spock is found unconscious and alone in the desert. Despite Starfleet’s hopes that he will lead them to the still missing Captain Kirk, Spock is unable to recall who took them, why they were taken, and why only he was released. Worst of all perhaps, he cannot tell them the location of Captain Kirk, or even if he still lives...
Reasons for Reccing: I'm not sure why there's not at least one hundred comments on this story because it's absolutely amazing. This story is very fast paced, the mystery constantly sweeping the plot along, and managed to keep me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. The plot is grounded in the human relationships, the connections between friends and would-be lovers. There's a certain amount of moral ambiguity woven throughout that I appreciate. Characters shouldn't be perfect - even the heroes. If you're in the mood for something intense with a great mystery and solid romance, definitely give this story a shot.
Tags: fandom: star trek, rec-a-sunday

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