nightrider101 (nightrider101) wrote,

[Week 18] - Avengers (MCU)

The Worst You Can Do Is Harm (Avengers | Steve Rogers/Tony Stark | Teen | 9,990)
Author: theladyingrey42
Summary: So what if Tony Stark has a folder of pictures JARVIS recognizes alternately as Project Rebirth (when Tony's sober), Project Hero Worship (when he's tipsy), and Project Spank Bank (when he's drunk)? No big deal. Unless Loki destroys Avengers Mansion and Hawkeye ends up finding the damn pictures and showing them to Steve. And if there's maybe a teeny-tiny misunderstanding about why precisely Tony has them. In which Loki is a dick, Thor is the bestest drinking buddy ever, and Tony has a hard time saying what he means.
Reasons for Reccing: I love the idea that Tony keeps a folder filled with pictures of Steve. It seems like something he would do, and the way the author describes the fallout from this is written beautifully. The ending is something of perfection; it's not overdone, using the angst as an excuse for sex later on... not that there's anything wrong with that. ;) If you're in the mood for a good 'Tony feels' story, this is the one for you.
Tags: fandom: avengers, rec-a-sunday

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