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Rec: Twenty-Six and Legend [Star Trek AOS]

Twenty-Six and Legend (Star Trek AOS | Gen | Teen | 18,492)
Author: llethe
Summary: Bones wanted to tell Jim that this was the last time he'd have to claw his way back up from bottom. That he'd more than earned an easy rest of his life. But the evidence showed that Jim Kirk was apparently destined to jump from one tragic catastrophe to the next, because Jim apparently pissed off fate like he pissed off everyone else.
Reasons for Reccing: This is the first story I've been inspired by in quite awhile. I haven't been reading as much lately, and the second I read this, I couldn't get it out of my head and knew I had to rec it. This is some of the best dialogue I've seen in the Star Trek fandom. The writing is subtle and nuanced, yet so unflinchingly honest that it stole my breath away. The friendship and loyalty expressed in this story is gorgeous. There is some great character development post film (STiD) that has become my personal canon. I can't recommend this story enough if you're looking for something to fill the void after watching the latest movie. Also, the author has written other stories in this verse so be sure to check those out as well.
Tags: fandom: star trek, rec-a-sunday

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