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Rec: Dying to Return [Merlin BBC]

Dying to Return (Merlin BBC | Merlin/Arthur, past Gwen/Arthur | Teen | 19,869)
Author: StormDancer
Summary: When they try to hang him, he floats. They put him on the pyre at dawn. He doesn’t burn.
Reasons for Reccing: After watching Merlin struggle for five years and usually not get it right, it's lovely to read a story that takes place in the future where they've all grown and when Merlin returns, he's wise. Not perfect, mind you, but definitely wiser. I also liked how the author handled Gwen. It felt mature and realistic. Sometimes relationships don't work out and that's life. It doesn't necessarily mean that one person is wrong and the other is right. Also, after reading I have a new favorite character: Gwaine's cloak. Long may it reign!
Tags: fandom: merlin, rec-a-sunday

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